Thred. | October 2021

Jessica Byrne, Thred., 13 October 2021

Emily Young’s determination to increase environmental awareness through her art has seen her named ‘Britain’s leading living stone sculptor’ by the Financial Times.

"Born in London to a family of artists and politicians, Emily Young spent her life traveling across the world to learn about art, history, and its role of importance for different cultures.


Though Young started out as a painter, by the early 1980’s she had begun carving into stone, searching several continents for discarded materials to chip away at. It wasn’t long before she had solidified herself as one of the world’s most well-respected sculptors.


She would eventually go on to carve faces into huge pieces of marble worth £500,000, but these ten-tonne sculptures weren’t auctioned off to art collectors or placed in museums. Instead, they were dropped to the seabed of the Mediterranean.


Young’s agent ‘questioned her sanity’ as she placed incredibly valuable pieces of art where they’d likely only be noticed by a handful of unsuspecting divers – but her motivation for this underwater installation was far greater than any price tag on offer..."